Expert AI/Machine Learning Software Development

(AI) Artificial Intelligence and (ML) Machine Learning are two very popular software solutions, perfect for businesses looking to tap into one of the most forward-looking, extremely powerful technologies available today. AI & ML learn, adapt and artificially advance without the need to follow explicit instructions, using algorithms and statistical models for the analyzing of patterns of data sets for better efficiency and overall allowing better functionality across a wide range of technology platforms. There are several open-source implementations allowing AI & ML to be crafted and implemented by companies like Google, Apple, Windows and Tesla, to name just a few.

AI & ML is great for crunching numbers, sorting through unstructured records to help automate tasks that save time and accelerate growth. OakTree Apps is a boutique agency capable of utilizing the awesome power AI & ML provide through popular tools available. Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning consulting services offer integrated solutions to conquer any business challenge. Let our expert AI & ML developers help your business push the limits of technology by eliminating human error, transform your valuable data into analytic insights and dramatically decrease processing time of your company’s software and hardware.


The Benefits of Implementing a Custom AI/Machine Learning Solution

Why Choose OakTree Apps for Your Machine Learning Development Needs

OakTree Apps has a team of dedicated experts, each able to draw from extensive experience in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to design or increase the efficiency of an existing AI & ML implementation. We build robust AI/ML solutions using open-source tech stacks. Let us create a custom Machine Learning software that can help optimize operations while automating tasks or choose us to create an Artificial Intelligence solution that will assist with the automating of important and common tasks.

What Industries Do Our Experts Have Experience With?

AI & ML offer the opportunity for clients to accelerate growth and become industry leaders. We work to help your business be scalable across a wide array of industries.

Tourism & Travel

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions will help efficiently address bookings, find flights, tailor overall travel experiences and help with hotel price forecasting. AI & ML can provide intelligent travel accommodations through advanced customer support, user experiences in airlines and social media analysis.


The use of AI & ML can let you take advantage of the automation of banking processes, reducing cyber risks and help you reduce operational costs.

Human Resources & Workforce Management

AI can predict HR and workforce management problems, help curb employee attrition and smartly analyze resumes. Using Machine Learning in an HR environment can assist with the optimizing of workforce and HR related processes that ultimately will mean a more streamlined experience.


AI & ML can be implemented to help increase healthy behavior and a healthy lifestyle. Taking advantage of wearable technologies through the use of AI and Machine Learning will help in the diagnosing of illnesses and smart tracking of behavior.


Fully support your customers by using our integrated Smart Analytics and NLP solutions. Our retail experience with AI/ML covers taking advantage of popular advantages like virtual/augmented reality digital racks, changing room and behavioral analytics.

Real Estate

Help improve the efficiency of real estate related tasks through implementing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. ML & AI can help with property valuation, general property and supply chain management.

What Type of AI & ML Technologies Do You Specialize In?

Let our dedicated team of AI & ML experts design or enhance a custom solution, tailored to your exact needs using the right platform for your needs. We work with the following popular platforms and have the requisite experience necessary for customizing a third-party AI/ML to help you take full advantage of everything that technology have to offer.

  • SparkML
  • TensorFlow
  • Caffe
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Theano
  • Amazon Web Services

Our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Development Process

OakTree Apps’ team of AI and ML developers are completely dedicated to providing you with an intuitive, fully transparent process for visualizing your needs with the end goal being a fully tested, polished product.


We analyze your business process and analytic sources. Formulate viable KPI’s and give you realistic timeframes for completion and implementation

Design, prototyping & modeling

Our ML & AI team creates a proof-of-concept consistent with your overall needs. The resulting prototype is reviewed and evaluated by you with any requested changes being implemented to your requested specifications.

Coding, testing & deployment

Our development team then produces the appropriate algorithmic models where we train, test, fine-tune the models and then retrain with new data. The result is an eloquent product that functions as envisioned, ensuring an error-less experience that is fully functional based on your company’s desired specs. We then ensure your product is ready for deployment to your production environment.

Maintenance, support

We monitor, maintain and support each advanced technology solution we provide. We ensure every Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solution we create remains secure, efficient and totally up to date.

How Can OakTree Apps’ AI & ML Solutions Help Your Business?

We create AI/ML solutions that improve performance, automate business operations, and provide an outstanding user experience through AI & ML software, mobile apps and ML web applications.

Artificial Neural Networks

Creating neural network-based AI software solutions that positively effect data management & growth, pattern and sequence recognition.

AI-Powered Chatbots

We help develop and train custom AI implementations for intelligent, personalized chatbots for customer communication.

Solutions for Automation

We use machine learning to analyze your company’s data for streamlining asset management, financial operations and sales processes.

Business Intelligence

We leverage business data intelligence and Machine Learning to help automate your decision-making trees that help forecast business risks and ensure security.

Machine Learning

Unscripted machine learning algos and data clustering for intuitive and adaptive enterprise level solutions.

Analytics Solutions

Creation of self-taught ML systems that aptly detect patterns and trends while helping to eliminate errors in your customer behavior, providing your customer base with a completely customized user experience.

Natural Language Processing

ML is used for pattern recognition, language interpretation, advanced language processing and generation software solutions.