OakTree Apps: Your Path to Public Cloud Success

OakTree Apps' Public Cloud Consultation Services harnesses the renowned public cloud model. We craft tailored strategies utilizing shared resources within this virtualized environment. Our expertise ensures efficient, secure, and cost-effective solutions, uniquely designed to empower our clients within the dynamic realm of public cloud computing.

Comprehensive Public Cloud Consultation Services

At OakTree Apps, we are proud to partner with renowned global public cloud service providers to deliver exceptional solutions to our valued clients. Our strategic alliances include leading names such as:

Microsoft Azure Services

Leverage the power of Azure's extensive suite of services to drive innovation and growth within your organization.

Google AppEngine

Tap into Google's AppEngine for building and deploying applications with ease and efficiency.

Key Advantages of OakTree Apps' Public Cloud Services

Expert Guidance

Rely on our certified cloud architects' extensive expertise to navigate the complexities of public cloud solutions.

Tailored Solutions

Enjoy personalized strategies crafted to meet your unique business needs and objectives.


Maximize your ROI with our cost management strategies, ensuring optimal resource allocation.


Seamlessly expand your infrastructure as your business grows, leveraging the inherent scalability of public cloud platforms.

Security Assurance

Protect your data and applications with robust security measures and adherence to compliance standards.

Proven Partnerships

We collaborate with global cloud service providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, ensuring access to cutting-edge solutions.

Versatile Public Cloud Solutions for Diverse Use Cases

Web Pages and CMS Systems

Host and manage websites and content management systems in the cloud for enhanced performance and scalability.

Web Servers/App Servers

Deploy web and application servers in the cloud to ensure consistent availability and responsiveness.

Disaster Recovery

Establish robust disaster recovery solutions in the cloud to safeguard your critical data and applications.

Batch Processing Apps

Leverage the cloud's processing power for batch jobs, ensuring efficient data processing.

Enterprise Apps

Host and run your mission-critical enterprise applications securely in the cloud.

Web and Mobile Apps

Develop, deploy, and scale web and mobile applications effortlessly on cloud platforms.

Small Databases or Large Relational Databases

Whether it's small-scale data storage or complex relational databases, we have you covered.

Network Appliances

Utilize cloud-based network appliances for enhanced network management and security.

Test and Dev Environments

Create cost-effective and flexible test and development environments in the cloud.

Approach We Follow

Cloud Security Architecture

Leveraging the public cloud's security framework for enterprise-level data, application, and infrastructure security, while enabling threat management and compliance.

Cloud Automation and DevOps

Utilizing automation-driven DevOps to swiftly onboard applications to the cloud, enhancing application speed, reliability, and quality.

Workload Analysis and Mass Migration

Employing codified models and decision logic for seamless workload capture during cloud migration, minimizing business disruption.

Managed Cloud Operations

Enabling business agility, end-to-end security, and predictive/reactive service assurance by harnessing cloud features and operations automation for clients.

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