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Corra Health

The Problem

Living with multiple chronic illnesses, the founder experienced firsthand the void in efficient symptom-tracking solutions. Through their personal battles, they realized the need for a comprehensive health tracker, leading them to create Corra. Corra is the answer to make managing chronic conditions more efficient, personalized, and accessible.

The Product

Corra is the all-in-one Symptom Tracker and Health Journal for managing chronic conditions, tracking symptoms, and enhancing self-care routines. The ultimate companion for individuals seeking to effectively manage chronic pain and monitor their overall health and well-being.

The Tech Solution

The Corra team's ingenious product allows users to manage their chronic conditions and allergies by tracking their dietary patterns.
OakTree Apps assisted in building out a flagship product in Flutter, that focused heavily on machine learning and custom UI components. We used Bloc for the application's state management. Our team built out the backend using Node for RESTful services and Python for ML models. The app also uses Google Fit and Apple Healtkit to monitor various vitals for the user and creates possible correlations based on machine learning algorithms to help users identify possible causes of allergies. The app supports Apple and Google Pay for payments which is backed by IAP for seamless checkout capabilities.

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Oaktree is fantastic to work with. They communicate well on the status of projects and deliver on the timeline that is set. We really enjoyed working with them

Elya Lane, Founder, Corra Health