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PGA of America

The Problem

How to grow and uphold the standards for the game of golf while helping aspiring golfers connect with coaches to learn, train and gain access to all the tools required to become a life-long golfer.

The Product

The PGA Coach app helps certifed PGA coaches with all aspects of booking, schedule management, and student communications so that the coaches can return their focus to what truly matters- their students and improving their games. The MyPGA app connects golfers with PGA Coaches, building a foundational relationship with a sport that can be played for a lifetime. Through this connection, golf can be reimagined and experienced in entirely new ways.

The Tech Solution
Our team worked with the PGA team on creating their flagship iOS and Android mobile app, which was written from the ground up using Flutter. The app uses custom UI components and heavy animation throughout for various featureset. A single codebase is used to deploy two different apps, one for the coach and one for the consumer.
The app uses Stripe for payment processing along with Firebase for push notifications. The in-app chat is provided via Stream SDK. The chat feature lets a coach message their students either in a single or a group setting.
The PGA coach app seemlessly integrates with the local calendar on the coach device whenever a new booking is confirmed, helping them always be aware of their next appointment.
Our team worked on various features such as scheduling a new game event, managing RSVP, account management, and Junior league program setup on the coach app.

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