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Beekeeper Group

The Problem

Beekeeper Group works with associations and nonprofits on Capitol Hill, helping them connect with congressmen and Senators in their region. Beekeeper Group wanted a native mobile product that would help their clients arrange conferences, reach out to their senators and push for legislations.

The Product

The Beekeeper Group application lets user sign-up for events, add events to their calendar, view latest news/videos. The user can also use their social media accounts via the app to tweet and share content. They can also reach out to the congressmen and Senator representing them at Capitol Hill, along with keeping up-to-date with the latest conferences.

The Tech Solution

The team worked with Beekeeper Group in order to determine the scope of the product. The product would be used by various associations each needing their own unique feature within the app. We decided to built out the app using native platforms for iOS and Android.
The codebase is built in a modular fashion, which helped us achieve white labelling of the product. This also helped the team in constantly iterating and updating the codebase as per latest OS releases on each platform.



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