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The Problem

To change the way of viewing your calendar on all of your electronic devices, so you can make the most of each day. With one simple snapshot, you can check your availability for one or multiple days, making it easier to schedule events and manage your time wisely. This patent-pending and simplistic design allows you to see your availability for the full day or multiple days in a glance.

The Product

The TimeCoyl smartwatch application lets user glance through their calendar for 7 days in the future. The product supports auto sync between an Android device and compatible smartwatch while maintaining data privacy. The user simply downloads the app and the application reads the calendar, updating and refreshing the watch app as needed. The simplistic patent pending UI uses alternating rings along with animating indicator to guide the user through their day. The watch app also offers customization to users for different watchfaces, time formats and much more.

The Tech Solution

Due to our vast experience in dealing with the intracies of Android platform, we were given the opportunity to bring the product to life.The team worked closely with the product founder in understanding the requirements.
This involved having multiple iterations over the scope for an initial MVP to demonstrate what could be achieved within the requested time frame. Due to various constraints based on WearOS platform, battery life and performance were of the utmost importance.
The founder wanted the UI to be as minimalistic as possible, to show the user all the current and upcoming events.

The app is currently in private beta testing.


Pratik and his team were wonderful and utilized their expert skills in Android development to come up to speed on the project quickly and deliver successfully in the time originally scoped.

Samrat Dudhat, Founder, TimeCoyl