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The Problem

During a pandemic, how to effectively leverage mobile computing to help businesses and schools reopen in a safe manner, while providing the users with all the necessary information to protect themselves from health hazards.

The primary goal of the app is to notify mobile users if they have been in contact with a sick person and provide them tips on how to self isolate. The app also supports scheduling lab tests and in-app test results.

The Solution

As a medical service provider, our client noticed that a lot of patients had no way of identifying if the symptoms they were experiencing were COVID related or just the seasonal flu. Wellbility decided to partner with us on developing a native mobile product that would provide the users with various tools at their disposal. 

The app allows the users to be notified if they have been in contact with a sick person while providing the necessary guidelines to self-isolate. The app also lets users schedule medical appointments and be notified of the results in-app.

The application can be used by businesses to do a thermal temperature scan of the employees via partnership with Orion.

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OakTree Apps is an excellent technology partner. They are reliable and flexible when working on projects. OakTree Apps was integral to the success of the launch of our software products. I am glad we chose OakTree Apps as a technology partner.

Andrew Keady, COO, Wellbility