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The Problem

Many freelance artists and content creators with a small following, produce quality content, yet have a hard time gaining a growing audience. As a result, they are not able to make much money and are forced to quit their passions, so that they can find steady paying jobs. There is also no efficient way for creators and their fans to connect over fun and original creations together.

The Product

The Wowd flagship app lets a fan choose their content, whether thats an image or video and approach their favourite artist on the platform for further collaboration. The product offers the content creators various levels of collabs to choose from. The creators also have the option of providing their own set of content for the fans to choose from.
Once a request for collab is accepted, the inbuilt custom editor allows the fans and creators to explore all sorts of customization!

The Tech Solution

The Wowd team's ingenious product allows artists and content creators to collaborate with their fans in real time, thus helping the former engage with and grow their audience.
OakTree Apps assisted in building out a flagship product in Flutter, that focused heavily on camera and image manipulation. We used Redux for the application's state management. Our team also helped develop complex animations on the app from the ground up, created custom UI components, and modularized the codebase.
The app supports Apple and Google Pay for payments which is backed by Stripe for processing.

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