Our Cryptocurrency Development Process

Crypto mining applications, cryptocurrency wallet development and crypto exchange network solutions are just some of the services we provide. Our award-winning agency has a team of skilled cryptocurrency app creators with industry leading experience and knowledge necessary for developing a solution that is exactly tailored for your company’s cryptocurrency related needs.

P - Cryptocurrency related applications represent a technology disruption that continues to grow and grow. Our custom designed solutions make accessing and controlling crypto coin related interactions a breeze for your business requirements.


Custom Cryptocurrency Technology Development

ICO and crypto coin development offer numerous opportunities and advantages for many companies across a wide array of industries. OakTree Apps can create custom decentralized solutions using popular crypto coin technologies for interacting with exchange platforms, wallet transactions and more.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Extremely popular and easily available, Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency around. In addition to being the first blockchain to be widely distributed, Bitcoin is the most widely accepted digital currency in the world.

Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Ethereum is another blockchain based platform that has grown in popularity recently due to its requirements for a broader level of security and trust verification that includes smart contracts.


Other Cryptocurrency Platforms We Provide Services For:

  • Binance
  • Harmony One
  • Solana
  • Matic
  • xDai

Crypto Services We Offer

Crypto currency development is highly regulated in many countries by government oversight. It’s value is intrinsic and dependent on collaboration between two or more parties.that agree in assessing valuation. OakTree Apps possesses years of combined experience of cryptocurrency technology development services, offering development services so crypto transactions are completely secure, confidential, and result in ultra-low transaction fees using robust codebase implementations on servers you control and maintain.


Some of the cryptocurrency technology services our dedicated team provide are:

Crypto Wallet Creation:

Our award-winning agency can meet your cryptocurrency needs by creating crypto wallet applications for blockchain implementation that is bloat-free, highly secure, completely mobile and that use the latest trends and technologies so your client base can easily send, request and verify transaction information for bitcoin and most other popular cryptocurrencies.

Custom Altcoin Creation:

We help develop and train custom AI implementations for intelligent, personalized chatbots for customer communication.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO):

ICOs or ‘Initial coin offerings’ represent a way for businesses and individuals to raise money for creating new altcoins, apps and service launches. OakTree Apps can expertly tailor a fully functional cryptocurrency application with all the necessary security, transparency and useability that your ICO needs.

Crypto Exchange Platforms:

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms make the trading of cryptocurrencies secure and easy while meeting whatever needs are required for the exchange of cryptocurrencies while trading for physical and digital assets. Crypto exchanges represent an intermediary between your buyers and sellers so your business can easily, securly make money through commissions and transaction fees.

Private Blockchain Development:

Our private blockchain development services can help your business maximize efficiency while providing worry-free, total security and fraud protection to institutions and private bitcoin & altcoin account holders.

NFT Marketplace Development:

We provide Web3JS development solutions for Bitcoin and altcoin cryptocurrency needs that provide total asset protection, account security, adherence to institution standards and regulations so your clientele can rest assured when using your crypto-based networks.

Smart Contracts Development:

Smart contracts, or custom programs written to run on crypto blockchains, are collections of code and related data that interact on Bitcoin and altcoin blockchain networks. The expert team of crypto developers can utilize years of practical experience when designing, coding and deploying smart contracts for public and private blockchain dApp networks.

Cryptocurrency Technology Consulting

OakTree Apps will expertly consult with your team to establish all the necessary parameters for creating a custom cryptocurrency solution to meet all your specific needs so your business or customers can fully, securely leverage cryptocurrency network services.

We’d love to sit down with your team members and discuss how a custom crypto technology collusion can benefit your company. Our expert team of developers will detail exactly how your company will take advantage of cryptocurrency technology by looking at your unique needs, your market sector, immediate competitors, and strategically build a personalized plan where we identify opportunities for penetration, growth and overall market disruption. OakTree Apps’ consulting services are perfect for any industry including banking, healthcare, startups, insurance, stock trading and logistics.


Our Cryptocurrency Development Process

Cryptocurrency Brainstorming & Consulting

We brainstorm with your team and identify opportunities in the cryptocurrency network, help define the specific cryptocurrency related applications for maximum market penetration and growth and define the necessary scope for your custom cryptocurrency network application.

Cryptocurrency Design & Prototyping

Our expert design team members build a cryptocurrency technology prototype around your specific application needs and then proceed with full-scale development using industry-standard prototyping utilities including Figma and Adobe XD, resulting in fully interactive cryptocurrency applications for desktop and mobile devices.

Cryptocurrency Application Production

Your crypto prototype is then advanced to our development team after prototype approval where every facet of your application is studied, resulting in an expertly crafted application that is secure, compliant, fully functional and completely representative of your specific

Cryptocurrency Testing

OakTree Apps’ developers will then rely on their years of experience to test your finished product, ensuring your crypto application securely works as intended while also complying with today’s strict regulatory needs.

Cryptocurrency Application Launch

Upon the completion of testing for your cryptocurrency project, the resulting product is then released to the public if the finished project is a custom crypto wallet (for example) or your custom crypto solution (for example, a crypto network application) is integrated into your existing infrastructure by our expert team.

Cryptocurrency Project Support

OakTree Apps’ team of support experts can continue to regularly monitor, manage and provide feedback and general assistance for your completed crypto-based application solution; addressing any recommended tweaks, fix any defects and relay regular reports to your team on overall efficiency.